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MUST Have(s) IV !

As promised ,I'm gonna share with you guys my shoulder bag that I found at "I AM " store! 

It's a black round floral design shoulder bag.It's so cute and I find the floral shape being so in style this spring as many designers proposed flower design as a must !

I goes so well with a floppy hat witch,btw, are so IN this can find so many choices at Forever 21! I'm gonna do a little post later on hats that I consider to be very cute and special ! :)

I especially like the chain at this's so Chanel-like ! I just love it !

I think that for 13€ it's a bargain !I fell in love with it from the first moment I saw it..

Don't forget to check out other cute deals on the right of the pages ! 

♥ R.

Must Have(s) III !

I found a super cute watch and I thought to share it with you guys

It's a particular watch ,its strap being made of a cute nude material..

The best thing is that it can fit all sizes! The quality-price is unbeatable; costs just 19€!

Found it at the store "I am" where I found also a great shoulder bag witch I'll be soon posting ! 

And don't forget,it's not the label that counts,it's the quality and the way you wear your clothes that's important !

Don'f forget to check out other great deals on the right of the page!'ll never know what you can find :)

♥ R.

Paris ,capital and city of lights

  I just came back from one of my trips. I chose Paris as a destination for Christmas..

I went by train,getting there by car is horrible as it is well know that traffic in Paris is dreadful. I stood in a hotel that was 6 km from the Eiffel Tower.I must say that everything in Paris is very there is expensive and there are so many people living there...Everything is continually moving! Paris has 14 metro it's so big as a city!!
The main attraction of the city is,of course ,the Eiffel Tower witch was first on my list to visit!

  I went with the elevator to the top..the view was fantastic ..

 You can see everything from up there so it's definitely worth it to wait 3 h :) !You can see the Seine, Arc of Triumph,Louvre museum ,etc...

 The architecture is unique and made in detail..the buildings are huge and full of history..

And of course, I went to Champs Elysées to do a little shopping :).. They have a lot of stores with super nice stuff..I found a fav new desig…

This Christmas ... it's I thought..why not?!

            Stay tuned... ;) 

Must Have(s) II !

  Star for today - wanna be Alexander McQueen scarf!

From my point of view,New Look has out-done its self with this super cute "wanna be" A.McQueen scarf (as I call it)...I saw this baby since I was on the stairs in the shop..I just immediately fell in love with it!
Great design and effect for just 9.99 € !Super cute !!

Celebrities are so in love with the skull scarf from A. McQueen..So we can have the "look " for less..

                                       Here we have Lindsay Lohan with a genuine skull scarf..

I just love A. McQueen..Don't you?

 ♥ R.

New in town!

New in town!! The new Gliss Kur Ultimate Repair by Schwarzkopf suggests a range with keratin base. Now you have 3 main "stars" , the shampoo ,the conditioner and the mask .
Now it suppose to ultimate repair your hair,giving it also strength and vitality. I just bought the whole range for almost 12€ ,I'll see the effect in a month or so and I'll be surely come by with the results..My hair is dry and it has split ends..I hope the keratin system will really make it more strong!

Must have(s) !

Being in the holiday fever and the center of the city being so close to me,I took a walk today to shop a little!
I saw this super sized red bag and I had to have it cause red is one of season's trends!I'm not saying to dress all in red( it will surely hurt the eye haha)..but having something red either if it is lipstick (also recommended), or just plain accessory ,red is giving your average outfit that special thing,that splash of color!

I choose this simple red super size bag from New Look to go with most of my winter outfits...I needed something to lighten up my clothing..I like that fake leather effect and plus it's very useful for traveling cause it's so big!!

Even the zipper has a unique style,being all gold and the zipper key is made from the fake-leather can wear it as a handbag or as a shoulder one.

So I think that for 17.99 € you have a great deal !

Remember it's you who makes the thing have value!

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Banques - a way to have money,but not really!

As the years passed and technology has evolved ,modern society has know a safe way to keep its money safe -meaning banks! 
Today that notion is gone!your money isn't safe anymore cause a wide variety of people are now much evolved than the outdated banking systems!People are more and more afraid of keeping the money in the bank.
And last but not least the dreadful system of the client service is getting of people's nerves. You can open a bank account,but still have problems after ;either if it's a "problem" with you documents or a motive that only they know ,in many cases you don't even have notice that your card is blocked and they do stay a lot to "resolve" the problem.They always have holidays or just are very lazy when it comes to promptitude !
The thing is that in many countries you have to have a bank account,they are really begging to do everything with banks and if you ,for instance,  want to take your salary in cash,you cannot cause it has to …

Michael Kors alive again!

I thought I dig out an "oldie" in the shoe business, namely the famous fashion designer Michael Kors(aka Karl Anderson Jr.)
If you haven't yet heard of him,you must know that celebrities like Lady Gaga or Heidi Klum are "wearing" him for quite a while,being in the branch for over 30 years.

I find a big part of his work as being innovative,especially the shoes.You can really see the creative "eye" that clearly touched the fine lines of the shoes..the stitching and the details make the shoe a fine work of art.

I myself is a proud owner of a Vienna Ankle Michael by Michael Kors black pair of shoes..I adore them !

The shoe is simple,apart from its ankle strap.The strap is decorated with chain details.It adds something special at that elegant look.

The backside zipper is very practical when it comes to getting them on and off!The zipper has the Michael Kors signature.

The heel is just sublime and it has that glamourous mirror effect ..I find this shoe very comfo…

A great deal for photography lovers!

Hello again! I don't know how many of you like photography.I ,for one, really love capturing great images of places I go...I started as every amateur,with a plane,normal camera and now I have a Sony α230 reflex camera and today I bought a great compact telephoto zoom lens to really capture those far details !
It's a Sigma 70-300mm F4- 5.6 APO DG Macro ,that I got for a super price of 209 €!
I know that it doesn't probably sound like a great deal for the most of you,but I really wanted a telephoto lens.If you want those super quality pics,you have to get one os the telephoto family lenses..they are used even for fashion/beauty shoots..they have a macro focus included ,so you have a very clear image of your target!
I'm gonna put some photo samples of what I did today..they are no super pics,but just so you get an idea !

Your great lens comes,of course with a 2 years warranty and a cute cover so you keep it safe! :)

If you have questions don't hesitate to ask me.
That being…

Cyprus - Aphrodite's island

Another place where I went is Cyprus..I went there at the end of August,so it was very hot!and when I say HOT I really mean it!! It was like 46-47 degrees during the day and at night the temperature was something between 30-35 I think..Lucky me that the hotel room had air conditioning ..the hotel was old ,in a british style,but clean and had nice staff!
As you know ,Cyprus is divided in two- not officially ,but the northern part belongs to the turkish people and the south is inhabited by the greek speaking Cyprus people (don't worry,they also speak english as Great Britain used to own the island in the past..but I'm not gonna go into history ;) )
I was in the southern part..stayed in Larnaca. I must say before I get any further that every country and every place has its own unique beauty and it impresses you always with something new!
In Cyprus I felt a more history connection..a connection with the Hellenic culture that lays here..I'm a fan of greek mythology and you can rea…

Cute deal!

I just bought this super cute set of nail polish from Claire's! You have 3 sparkley colors -red,light and dark grey!
I believe it's a great deal for just 5€!!

Canary Islands

I would like for my first trip description to do Canary Islands..I didn't visit them all,but I have went to all Fuerteventura and Lanzarote !
I went at the end of october -beginning of november ,but even so ,the temperatures were high (not super high but an average 25 degrees C).I stood in Corralejo ,Fuerteventura, but I went all around the island.
It was my first time to see the ocean..a remarkable landscape..Staying in Corralejo was fun,having the sand dunes close to my hotel room and also a great beach at a 5 minutes walk!
We easily rented a car and we went all around the island..

The volcanic origin of the island really makes it interesting to visit its mountains(ex volcanos).On Fuerteventura there isn't any more active volcanos,so you don't have thrills :)!
The island is full with beaches and the dunes really gives the island that desert look!

If the weather is to windy and you like to visit as much as you can,you can always take a ferry to the other islands
We went by car t…

Committing to ...quick?!

We live in a age where time is everything so we want to do as many things as possible and live fully each day! But what does "fully" mean?..for ones is just the joy of having money,women,power..oh right,that's the man part of the world :)
But what does "living fully" means for a woman? In my opinion,there's no grater joy than being in love with someone,making every day count and just that feeling that you get when you see him or speak with him..
Anyway,time passes and sooner or later you find yourself in a serious relationship with every day problems, issues,argues, etc..and even though you made until here ,you really wish that you can turn back the time or just re-live that period that makes your blood just pumps out of your vanes! 
So the question is - at what age we should commit ourselves into a serious relation?
The average rate of people that start a family is something around the age of until that point are we "allowed" to have just fun…

Days until Christmas..

Either you're with your family or friends,or far away from home, celebrating Christmas in its beautiful ways is important.
It's important cause that way you don't forget where you came from and how you are!People are so caught in the routine of work or just problems at home that they forget the real meaning of this traditional holiday..
I think the most important part of Christmas is being with your family,sharing gifts around that magical Christmas tree.