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Judge me

Hi guys, I'm back with a brand new outfit post today ( finally ). I went out to grab a bite to eat this evening and I just felt that this cute top couldn't be more representative for the "event". :) Of course, I needed to wear some flatsandals, so I went with my cute ones from Sacha Shoes ! 

What I wore: - Zaful top - Venca jeans - Mango bag - Sacha Shoes sandals

Also, don't forget to take $5 off any Zaful order over $50 with this here code : ZAFULSALES1 ! 

Sao Rafael

Hi guys, I'm back with another delightful post about another delightful beach I went to in Portugal. It's all about Sao Rafael beach today, its beauty and its caves...ok, and my beautiful one piece swimsuit from OneOne Swimwear :) I think this beach is indeed my fave one from all the beaches I've visited while in Portugal.

The beach has so many awesome caves that can be visited ! All along the beach, you have many hidden gems, a cool discovery for the kid in me :).

You only have a bar in the upper-side of the beach where you can find some awesome spaghetti in case you get hungry.

Find my OneOne Swimwear bikini here .

Make every outfit count

Hello sweeties, Today I was MIA cause I was traveling (again). But today I'm happy to be back with a new outfit post. This look was, indeed, shot in Portugal, in the lovely streets of old town Faro. I thinksandalsare indispensable for summer, either that they are with heel, without, wedges or simply slide design, they are a must to keep us looking chic and not burning our feet into flames. I went with a high heel to match thiswide leg jumpsuit. Steve Madden made some very awesome metallic ankle strap sandals that you can find at Sacha Shoes.

What I wore: - Lightinthebox jumpsuit - Mango handbag - Mango hat - Sacha Shoes x Steve Madden sandals
I find this outfit as being a perfect summer look ( especially for the end of the afternoon/evening), while traveling...I actually want to a restaurant dressed like this. Of course, you can add a flat sandals as well, but I always fear that I'll step on my jumpsuit...jumpsuits like this need a heel/wedge shoe !  Plus, the fact that the shoe…

Praia da Marinha

Hello sweeties, I'm back to gloomy Brussels now and I'm already having some super sweet memories of my time spent in the Algarve region of Portugal. In my time there, I have visited a number of beaches and I must say that Praia da Marinha is a beautiful one, but quite crowded ! I visited that in the first day and even though it was a cool beach, the fact that it's super crowded makes me liking it less! :)

Btw, my super swan comes from Lightinthebox and the swimsuit from OneOne Swimwear
I had a blast playing with my toy swan and even though it was hard to carry all the way to Portugal, it was really worth it ! My swimsuit and swan were the talk of the beach :)

Kisses, R.

Normally abnormal

Hello everyone, For today I have a totally awesome look that I just know you'll love ! Why? Because it's totally daring, but at the same time "nice" to say so... This dress is very flirty and mysterious and can be styled super easy. Curious how/what/where/when? Let's leave the pics speak for themselves  !

What I wore: - Lightinthebox black cut out halter dress with rivets - Versus heels - Romwe bag
So, what do you think about this fab look? Would it be something you'd wear ?
Kisses, R.

Clean slate

Hi sweeties, Just wanted to say first to follow me on Instagram so you won't miss out on all the fun! I do hope I'm having lots of fun lol. I will be back home in Brussels soon and from there, parting again the next day, but I'm taking my blog with me wherever I go :) For now, I'll let you enjoy my lovely outfit of the day that I just know you'll love ! 

What I wore: - RoseGal white bodysuit  - Choices skirt - Mango shoes
A totally cute outfit that would rock your bf's world hahaha :D Kisses, R.


Hello sweeties, As promised, I'm back today with a brand new outfit post ! One will be launching live each day, so be sure to check the blog on a daily basis cause every time you do, something new will be waiting for you :) Today's look is super casual and sweet ! It's totally easy to put together and I think that the flower idea behind is not so bad, especially when repeated with the slides.

What I wore: - RoseGal  black sheer dress - Jeffrey Campbell slides - Versace x Hm bag
So, what do you think, guys? Is this a perfect downtown summer dress or what?
Kisses, R.